This breaks my heart because you can see the exact moment that Lilo realizes how important she is to Nani. She has seen herself as the burden and responsibility (“You’d trade me for a rabbit”). She worries that she takes away the good things from Nani (“Did Stitch and I make you lose your job?”).

But right here at the end. She realizes. She is the good thing. She is the ONE. GOOD. THING. that Nani wants to keep. And she’s realizing that Nani won’t get to keep her.

Lilo and stitch is by far one of my top 3 favorite disney movies.


two UNUSUAL HOARD commissions for matt, i never want to draw another spoon in my entire life (but breakfast sounds great)


A woman is like a tea bag - you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Welcome to Women’s History Month


Like I always say, the real horror in life isn’t monsters, demons or ghosts but us, humans and what we are capable of

Here’s the original video


Some people still think Beauxbatons was for girls and Durmstrang was for boys.




I would be lieing if I said i wasn’ t improoving.
Still mildly bedbound though.
Thank you for all the warm words! You people are wonderful and so understanding q A q!


Some more coppernauts. Benny has a habit of soothing Bad cops rage with kisses, before floating away again~


the weathers getting warmer :/


Casual outfit today, w/ blue eye stuff : ]